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Relationship Revolution:


Your relationship is falling, flailing, faltering or flat. You don’t have the energy or resources to breathe life into it. What you are doing is not working. Avoiding help isn’t working either. You need me and here is why. My 90 day course for relationship revolution will help you prepare for or repair your relationship.

This is for you if you...


Most relationships can be saved with the right resources and intentional application of those resources. Saving a marriage is worth millions; it is priceless! Lawyer fees alone can cost close to 50k


What’s going on in your relationship?

There is ample information about finding a partner, planning a wedding, going on a honeymoon and having a baby. It is, however, very difficult to find help with getting back on track or maintaining a relationship. The work is hard and it might not be sexy, but it’s necessary and worth it.

My 90 day program will change your life and your relationship. Don’t wait until you are avoiding each other and living as room-mates. Save time and money by repairing your relationship or ending it respectfully.
Invest your relationship now!


Jennifer Joy Jackson Nkansah

Life is complex, fun, difficult, rewarding and unpredictable. It is not easy to find yourself or your "one true love." I have survived abusive relationships, solemnly chanted “Me Too” with my sistas, and searched for love on the internet. I am happily married to a gentle and intelligent man that I needed, but was not looking for! Together we have supported each other through the pursuit of graduate degrees, gaining and losing jobs and mourning the death of parents. We have spent twelve years navigating life, love and differences. We are raising two resilient, funny, respectful children and are coping with major health issues and care-taking responsibilities. Through it all, we continue to learn about ourselves and about each other.


We bump up against misunderstandings and miscommunication. We talk through disagreements and explain different points of view. We laugh. Every day, no matter what, we laugh. Life is not easy, but it is my life and it’s a good one. 


I am a Nationally Certified Counselor, Interpersonal Communication Professor, and the Number one heart centered communication expert in the country. I am a licensed Mental Health Therapist, Marriage and Family Counselor, trained in Gottman Marriage Therapy, Brainspotting and Co-regulating couples. For decades, I have helped couples to identify what is not working in their lives and in their relationships, to take steps toward fixing what is no longer serving them, and to set goals for building and maintaining the relationship they crave.


I help couples implement change in their relationship by effectively communicating, expressing needs, and listening to the other so that they can move past their past and thrive in the relationship they want using my 90 Day Relationship Revolution.


Have your emotions hijacked your nervous system?

Are you exhausted from over giving?

Do you catch yourself thinking “I’ll finally be happy, satisfied, wealthy (fill in the adjective) when…….”

Are you willing to face your past? Because I promise you there is a wound you are trying to heal with all your giving.

Are you willing to release the hurt you’ve been holding inside your body and inside your soul?

Are you willing to embrace the present and celebrate all that is possible for you?


I want to guide you on a journey using all my intuitive gifts and therapeutic skills to assist you in your next transformation. I want to be that person for you that you are to others - and let’s face it you are AMAZING and deserve a guide that can match you.

My weekly process will honor your nervous system, revitalize your dreams, and give you new tools you can lean on for a lifetime.

YOUR transition, YOUR speed, my magic…. because your next level requires a next level guide.

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