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Business Coaching Program

Effective Communication For Today's Leaders

Employers and CEOs continue to share concern about the mental health of their employees. The impact of COVID, as well as other world-wide events, has stressed the minds, family structures and the financial situations of most individuals. Jennifer will coach individuals and teams in workplace engagement, productivity, self-care, burn-out prevention and more. This Personalized Corporate Coaching program provides a service that will heighten awareness of interpersonal communication and mental health issues that impact performance. It has been proven that when individuals suffer from life or mental health situations at home, their work engagement and productivity also suffers.

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Are you a CEO, Executive, Manager or Business Owner?

If the answer is yes, then this coaching program is for you. Our team will work to establish onsite mental health and wellbeing services for you, your colleagues and your employees.  It is not enough to offer a crisis line for them to call.  It is not enough to include mental health service in their benefits package. The stress of the world, families, communities and more is impacting the lives and productivity of your employees; and that is impacting your bottom line. We merge interpersonal communication education with psychological tools for improving the mental health of each stakeholder. Work impacts home and home impacts work.

It's time to decrease mental health stigma, and show that you care about more than profits. It's time to offer onsite mental health and wellbeing services and we are here to show you how! Set up a call to discuss the needs of your organization.

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